From divorce and separation to pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreements to children matters, there are a range of reasons your family may require the support of a solicitor.

Our family team approaches every unique situation with a thorough, compassionate approach. Taking the time to understand your needs and provide a practical solution at what can sometimes be a difficult time.

No Fault Divorce

The introduction of the ‘no fault’ divorce on 6th April 2022 sees a shift away from any party needing to blame the other for the breakdown of the marriage, with contested divorces becoming a thing of the past preventing unnecessary court hearings and hopefully reducing costs and time.

Removing the blame helps parties to concentrate on what is really important upon separation, that being the children and finances of the marriage which are settled separately to the divorce. The new process should provide for a more amicable approach for all involved by reducing the potential conflict with blame for the breakdown of the relationship often having been a centrifuge of conflict in the past and hindering the financial settlement and arrangements for the children of the parties, thus delaying the ability to move forward with your life.

Contact us today for us to assist with your no fault divorce and help progress your financial and/or children matters swiftly to resolution.

Free 20 minute family law consultation

We offer a free 20 minute family law consultation to discuss your situation. To speak to one of our family law experts or book an appointment at our office, please call us on 01494 321 120 or email

Our team can advise you on a range of family matters, including:

• Divorce and separation
• Pre and post nuptial agreements
• Cohabitation agreements
• Children matters
• Financial matters
• Adoption
• Domestic abuse

Susan Snook - Family Solicitor

01494 321 120


Susan joined the group in March 2022 as a family solicitor after being admitted in July 2017. She covers all aspects of family law and she regularly undertakes her own advocacy in the family courts, up to, but excluding, trial.

“I successfully ensured that a ‘without notice’ non-molestation order remained in place, followed by a contact order that the same parent only have letterbox contact with the children due to domestic abuse.  The couple were finally divorced, despite parental pressure against this, and the marital finances successfully separated. I also regularly undertook my own advocacy in Childcare proceedings, and in the Civil courts in respect of housing matters, specifically illegal eviction”.

She also regularly attended counsel at High Court hearings in relation to Child Abduction and International Child Contact.

As Susan lives in Oxford she is able to enjoy all of her hobbies in her spare time which include cycling, hiking, going to the theatre and attending music events. In addition to this, she is on the road to becoming ‘well travelled’. She enjoys learning about different cultures and has a good understanding of multi-cultural issues.